Exhibition display panels are most commonly used at exhibitions, expos and similar events, to create temporary exhibition stands that showcase a company’s brand and products/services. A well-designed display will grab your audience’s attention, tell them who you are and convey your chosen message at-a-glance.

Portable Display panels are much more versatile than that, however. They can be made to any size and layout; a single free-standing wall panel, multiple joined  temp panels or a more complex modular walling system configuration. And they can be used to great advantage in lots of different settings for lots of different purposes – see some examples below.

Use art display panels in schools, colleges and universities to display:

  • students’ work, particularly art work
  • messages from the Head and other staff
  • visitor information
  • upcoming events – exams, parents’ evenings, trips, performances
  • sign-up sheets for trips, groups and extra-curricular activities
  • cafeteria menus
  • health and safety notices

Use pop up display panels in libraries, museums and other attractions to communicate:

  • visitor information, e.g. opening times, floor plan
  • special exhibits or events, e.g. talks, book-readings, temporary art exhibitions
  • leaflets and guides
  • local news and information of local interest
  • health and safety notices
  • cafeteria menus (if applicable)

Use modular display panels in shops and other retail spaces to advertise:

  • latest products, deals and offers
  • upcoming events

Use display panels to create:

  • pop-up shops and stalls for craft fairs
  • pop-up galleries and temporary art exhibitions

Our display panels are also perfect for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions – they really help give that ‘wow’ factor. Tell us your ideas and we’ll design a completely personalised display for the guest(s) of honour. We hire portable temporary partitions all over the UK.

For more ideas on how and where to use exhibition display panels, please contact us – we have a wealth of experience at constructing and supplying panels, and we’re happy to advise.