exhibition stand

The Skeleton Stand

Introducing our new ‘off the shelf’ exhibition stand for hire that we call the skeleton stand as it provides the bones of your trade stand at a base cost.

For £2499 plus vat you get 3m high walls, lighting rig with floodlights, raised platform floor, plinths, and a storage/office space the price also includes delivery/installation de rig/collection and all health and safety documents including stand plan/drawing. (we can also provide shorter exhibition walls if required)

It provides a one stop solution taking the headache out of trying to design/source a exhibition or trade stand.

You simply add ‘the skin’ to your skeleton by adding any graphics and floor covering and you’re ready to go.

This price includes any stand up to 7m x 5m.

We know how time consuming and stressful it is organising a trade/exhibition stand so why not simplify the process and let us prepare the body of your stand.(you see what we did there)

It can also be used as a pop up art gallery.