We offer a unique solution to your Trade show or Exhibition stand requirements which will save you money and your time.

We call it the ‘Stand in a Van’, basically by cherry picking our exhibition components including temp walling, lighting, trussing, plinths, flooring and shelving, you can design your own bespoke layout and we simply pack it in the van install it at the show and collect it when finished.

Please see the images on this page and look at our skeleton stand page to get a idea of what can be achieved without spending thousands and thousands of pounds that could be saved by being smart and using exhibition ‘kit’ we already have.

One of the most important factors in using our method ie the recycled equipment is it enables us in our own way to address the environmental issues in the trade fair industry as did you know trade shows are known to produce a massive amount of waste with 600,000 tons of trash produced every year. If we think about the environmental impact of trade shows on the planet you would agree this is not sustainable and needs to be addressed.

Check out our Skeleton Stand!

If you’re after a one stop ‘out of the can’ solution or struggling to come up with a design/concept then have a look at out own pre designed ready to go stand.

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