Media Wall/Selfie Wall perfect for events including awards nights, proms, parties, opening nights, xmas parties, weddings and a whole host of celebrations.

Bring some fun to the evening and give your guests the VIP red carpet experience.

Comes with paparazzi sound effects including camera clicking and cheering etc.

Stage lighting and roped security barriers complete the setup. The lighting flashes to give the impression of camera flashes, wall size is 3.5mx2.6m so its quite imposing and when lit up at a darkened venue it draws you to it.

You really do feel special when your standing up on the red carpet and that all the attention is on you, the background in the picture is just an example and you can have any graphic you like and theme it to your particular event or you can use this one and change the lettering to suit you.

It’s not a photobooth oh no it’s way more than that it’s an experience.

The cost is £999 plus transport and VAT and this includes delivery/install/manned operator/ – Remember with the paparazzi wall you won’t need a photographer as it’s designed for people to take their own pictures with cameras which are built into their phone’s which as you know these days are as good as most cameras so you save money on that aspect.

It has a  magnetic effect and irresistible urge for the guests to go up and pose for the camera.

The wall will certainly add glamour and glitz to your event and will be a talking point and a place for people to gather and have fun.

Everyone deserves a piece of VIP Red Carpet treatment every now and then, it’s not just for the rich and famous.