Trade stands


What is a trade show?

A trade show or trade fair is a collective of businesses who display and sell there products to the general public and also to build business to business connections with other businesses at the exhibition. Exhibiting at a exhibition trade show is an brilliant way to find customers as they get to meet you personally and really talk about the potential of your product or service.

What to do before your event trade show.

Making sure you obtain a map of your exhibition hall and your stand number and the closest loading bay doors at the site before hand will set you up better to make sure you know where you are going more efficiently. Having a look at what other exhibitors are also going to be there will help you understand your competitors and where the best spots are to set up your temporary stand. Researching the exhibition venue and event itself is always a good idea, we know the trade shows aren’t cheap and you want to make sure this will benefit your company in a positive way.

The floor will hopefully be filled with people at your chosen event that are looking to buy or at least gather information about your product and services and having a eye catching exhibition stand is vital for that inital contact. If there is one aspect I had to choose that made the difference on a temporary trade stand even if its on a budget then it would be lighting. Light up your temp event space with bright lights and it will catch the eye even from a distance.

Exhibition Walls Company can offer display walling with temporary flooring and lighting to provide the perfect budget exhibition trade stand.