What is Trussing?

Trussing is a aluminum structure that is widely used in events and exhibitions as a rig to hold lighting and sound.

Trussing with EWC is lightweight and durable. It’s strong and has a practical use and designed for a temporary set up in any given exhibition space. Truss can be popped up by Exhibition Walls Company and ready to use at short notice with no intensive planning required. Its’s most commonly used at temporary events or exhibition trade stands and of course on art dispaly stands.

You have a lot of freedom of use with Trussing as it is modular and comes in many various lengths and corner connectors etc so can be made up to suit. We have used trussing for our own stands at all the main exhibition halls including the excel, olympia and the NEC and of course for many private events including temporary art fairs or pop up art galleries. It perfectly frames your event space and allows light to be brought onto the areas where you want it ie for lighting up a product or highlighting a piece of art. We have used it effectively at art exhibitions above our portable walling washing the display boards with light so as you get your preferred exhibition dispaly just right.

So as you can see the truss can be a great way for you to change up your layout at any trade show or event and stand out against your competitors and offers lighting solutions that would otherwise not be achievable. So whether your using our temporary walling system and looking for ways to light up the entire space or just solely looking for the look and feel of a trussing rig then please get in touch so we can discuss all your temporary exhibition needs.

Examples of our trussing.