In uncertain times it’s good for everyone to have a future plan. Well we have one!

What can we do?

The idea is to protect each individual whilst in the workplace from any particle that may be deemed a concern and doing it in such a way that it’s not to oppressive by using dividing wall panels. These can also be used in a variety of ways.

Going back into the workplace will mean we need to implement different measures to keep every individual safe. Using face masks and keeping a distance will be great advantages BUT we wall want to get back to the easiest and most normal changes.

Our temporary walls will create a safe space for each colleague, student etc. Each space can be fitted in different sizes and heights. Please see the picture above for an idea of the space you can create.

Temporary walls are the future.

Making the workplace safe.

Employers must make the workplace as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic for staff, customers and anyone else who visits. To do this employers must:

  • encourage staff to work from home, wherever possible
  • do a ‘risk assessment’ to identify what might cause harm and take reasonable steps to prevent it
  • follow the government guidelines on working safely during coronavirus on GOV.UK

Temporary screens will enable distance to be safely kept between employees or using our temp wall panels as low walls to aid one way movement flow. Also for more protection and distancing you can create seperate areas/rooms using the temporary walling as partition walls so in effect making ‘rooms within the room’.

The beauty of temporary panels is exactly that ie ‘temporary’ so you can set them up take them down very easily and configure them into many different layouts. We can hire our exhibition screens if its only a short period you need them for or you can purchase them if you were thinking of having them over a longer period of time. We here at EWC exhibition wall company manufacture the wall panels so they can be made to most sizes so wall screens in your workplace would not be a issue from a planning point of view as the temporary screen panels are ‘temporary’.