Our temporary art walls provide the perfect ‘blank canvas’ for any pop up art or photography exhibition. Most of our clients choose a plain white background on which to hang their paintings, prints and other creations, and it works – our white walling is clean, fresh, neutral and distraction-free. But it’s also effectively invisible. What if we were to think of the temp art walls as part of the art, not just part of the exhibition? What would happen if we painted the art walls a different colour?

Stand-out art walls for stand-out art

First, think about the kind of artwork you’ll be displaying on the exhibition art walling. Is it modern or classic? Is it mostly bold colours, soft pastels or monochrome? Are the works abstract or realistic? Do they depict people, architecture or the natural world? Answering these questions will give you a feel for the atmosphere you want to create, one that both complements and draws attention to the pieces in your art temporary exhibition.

Your art walls should make the artwork ‘pop’, really stand out. In simple word, choose a colour that makes your artwork look its best!

Once you’ve chosen your optimum colour for your art walls, consider the paint finish. A matt finish is usually the best choice as it will project a flat colour with no distracting shine. This will allow the artwork to fully capture the viewer’s attention. That said, if you’ve chosen a dark colour for your partition art walls, you could consider a satin finish, which will help to lighten and soften a ‘heavy’ colour, if necessary.

Mix and match your art walls

While a bold colour is undoubtedly impactive, you may feel that your exhibition would benefit from a more subtle background hue. Where a stark bright white wall can feel too clinical, an off-white can be feel softer and more natural. A brown-tinted beige can feel nostalgic; a pale yellow-white can evoke an early summer morning.

Remember, you don’t have to stick to one colour for all your display art walls. If you choose a vivid or dark colour and find it too intense for the entire exhibition, break it up with some white or off-white walls at intervals. Conversely, an occasional accent wall in a strong colour can provide relief in a mostly-pale backdrop, and can be used to draw attention to a particular work of art. We supply temporary walling in many different sizes.

Our art walls come in standard white but we can paint them any colour you want. What’s more, you either buy your art walls if your exhibition or student art fair is permanent or you are likely to use the walls again, or you can simply rent our art walls if your exhibition is temporary – they can transform the emptiest space into a stylish gallery in no time. We can also provide spot-lighting and backlighting if needed. For advice and prices, please contact us.

Grateful thanks to http://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/color/advice/a8540/how-to-choose-the-best-paint-color-for-art-gallery-wall/ for the inspiration.