partition walls

Room dividers for warehouses, offices or homes can easily and quickly be created using our temporary walling panels.

No need for planning permission or detailed costly drawings. Easy – choose the space you want to be divided off, order our walls, slot them together job done.

We can make temporary partition walls to any height width or shape.

Simple to set up, flexible in configuration layouts, acoustically insulated (if required) are just three phrases used to describe our movable partitions. As the name suggests temporary wall partitions are easy to operate and manuveure to create many various wall partition configurations fitting your needs.  make our movable walls the ideal option for hotels, conference centres, educational establishments, offices and training areas, areas that so commonly falter on the room configuration front.

We here at exhibition walls company we are primarily carpenters and make all our partition screens in house and can make them in many sizes to fit and every one of our moveable wall products is built to last and designed to maximise the functionality and flexibility of spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Temp walling has many benefits over real or even stud walling as its ease of use, transport and storage makes it ideal in setting up temporary panels to create spaces or ‘rooms within rooms’ that do nor require any plannig permission or evasive building work. Simply draw or work out the area you need to divide off or area to create a room and send us your measurements and requirements and we can qoute you on the costs and installtion if required but remember that our temporary partitions can easily be setup so installation by our team is not always neccessary saving you money. You can constantly re-use exhibition walling time and time again.