Exhibition lighting

So, you’ve booked your spot at the key trade exhibition event or art fair for your industry/sector and you’re working on how to fill the space. You’ve commissioned your exhibition stand and ordered your furniture and temporary exhibition walls, but have you considered what kind of lighting you’ll need?

At most big events and expos, you’ll be lucky to get a spotlight or two as part of your shell scheme, and nothing at all with space-only bookings. This is where we can help – we can supply several different types of lighting, depending on how you want to light your trade stand or art display wall.

Spotlights are the classic way to light up an exhibition stand; they are small, unobtrusive and directional. Our easy-to-use clip-on spotlights come in white and cost £25 per light to hire. These are perfect for pop up art exhibitions to highlight art on the temporary art walling.

Standalone stage spotlights – mounted on a tripod up to 4m tall – will light up the whole stand area, not just the wall panels. Our tripod costs £45 to hire and we can also attach mini floodlights that will completely light up your exhibition stand or shine directly at the art panels.

lighting for exhibition stands

The pride of our lighting collection is our lighting rig- over 100 metres of truss with stage spotlights, parcans or floods which can be configured into various shapes and heights. The rig, when combined with our temporary walling, will definitely give your display the ‘wow’ factor. The cost to hire our lighting rig varies depending on requirements so please contact us for a price. The truss lighting rig works perfectly in conjunction with our temp wall system and flooring to create a one stop affordable exhibition trade stand or pop up art gallery.

Uplighter boxes are a different way to ‘wash’ the wall with light; the effect is subtle yet dramatic and again these are absolutely perfect for art gallery shows.

LED strip lighting is a good way to ‘flood’ a whole display panel wall with light, and is particularly effective at illuminating graphics.

lighting options for exhibition walls

Of course, all our lighting and electrical equipment has been PAT tested, and we’ll handle the setup and make sure everything is working, giving you one less thing to think about.

For more ideas on how to light your exhibition stand, feel free to contact us – we have a wealth of experience and are happy to advise.