Temporary walling – not just for events

Our temporary walling is most often used at events, exhibitions, trade fairs and art shows, but they are much more versatile than that. We can make them in virtually any size and be used to fit most configuration layouts, and they can be used to great advantage in lots of different settings for lots of different purposes. We have supplied temporary walling to:

  • schools, colleges and universities
  • libraries, museums and art galleries
  • shops, craft fairs and other retail outlets, including pop-up shops
  • offices and warehouses
  • hotels and event venues

And we don’t just supply walls; we can provide a variety of extras to enhance your display,  including:

  • shelves for laptops and literature
  • spotlights and up-lights
  • name plates and signage
  • plinths
  • easels
  • light boxes
  • LED flooring
  • picture hanging systems

Temporary Walls Applications:

Exhibition wall system is  modular and reusable and will provide you with the ability to deploy temporary walls quickly and without messy construction almost anywhere where you need to create a replica real wall.

No building permits are required in most cases because the walls are self-contained temporary structures (Please check with your local building regulations to be sure). So it cuts through a lot of unnecesary red tape and hassle.

Our temporary walls system can be customised for many uses including:

  • Office Environments
  • Retail spaces
  • Art pop up exhibitions
  • Museums
  • Trade shows and exhibitions

Temporary Walls Partitions:

EWC’S  temp walls system are very versatile in their use.

Therefore our temporary wall systems are great for use as  partitions to –

  • Manage Traffic Flow (foot traffic)
  • Divide Work Areas
  • Create Modular / Temporary Office Walls

The fact that the temporary wall system is easy to deploy, lightweight, sturdy, reusable – makes it an AMAZING tool for so many various applications.

It is NOT economical  to pay for drywall  walls, only to tear them down and throw them away after when we already have the product pre made ready to go.

Reusable temporary wall partitions saves you money and is a one stop solution to all your walling needs.

Using our temporary wall system, you can create temporary walls fast, move them around if needed, change the configuration, and reuse the wall system for the next  project easily and quickly over and over again.

For more ideas on how and where to use display panels, read our article on ‘The multi-talented display panel – not just for exhibitions‘. And feel free to contact us – we have a wealth of experience and are happy to advise.

temporary walling for pop-up shop
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