We here at Exhibition walls like most of the population have been affected by the coronavirus crisis and especially so being in the events and exhibition industry with all the exhibition halls remaining closed and no smaller scale events being allowed to run. Our product temporary wall panels although mostly used within the exhibition sphere to create temp walls and exhibition wall panels for trade stands can be used for many other general purposes outside of the exhibition halls such as temporary screens to divde off areas or to build semi permanent rooms within rooms whether its to form extra office space or simply as room dividers.

There is no doubt we have felt the impact of C19 and its been difficult not just for us and many in our industry but for many many thousands of business of all shapes and sizes and of course personally for many people from a mental and emotional point of view, but we have rallied and been able to steer the ship through the rocky waters by reducing overheads and overhauling internal systems and practices to keep us lean but still able to deliver the same level of service and product whilst trying to maintain positivity and looking favourably to the future and not dwelling on the last year which lets face it wont do anyone any good. So lets all look forward and not backwards and above all else smile, laugh and be kind to each other.