Whether you’re organising your own art exhibition or trade event or taking part in a large multi-company exhibition, you need to stand out and be noticed. The most impactive way to do this, is with your own well-designed and branded exhibition walls as the main background for your trade stand or art exhibition walling.

The exhibition walling system are extremely versatile. With individual free standing wall panels, multi-joined walling and modular layout systems available, exhibition walls can be made to any size and layout – from a simple backdrop to a multitude of temporary walling laid out in a huge configuration.

They can also be as simple or as decorative as you like – a plain temporary white wall makes the perfect blank canvas for displaying artwork and photography. On the other hand, a carefully-designed and well-branded art display wall will grab your audience’s attention, tell them who you are and convey your chosen message at-a-glance.

While you’re working on your design, it’s worth thinking about whether you you want to buy your exhibition walls or rent them. Factors to consider include:

Buy exhibition walls


When you buy exhibition walls they’re yours to keep and use time and time again. If you’re regularly attending shows and exhibitions, buying your modular exhibition walls is more cost-effective and convenient.


  • The initial cost is more expensive than renting as you’ll have to pay for your exhibition walls up-front.
  • You’ll need adequate space to store your temp walls between exhibitions, an a decent-sized car or van to transport them between venues.

Rent exhibition walls


  • If you are not ready to buy, you can simply rent exhibition walls – it’s a cheaper solution than buying your stand outright.
  • As your supplier, we can store your exhibition walls between events, so you don’t need to find or pay for storage space.
  • We’ll deliver your pop up walls to the venue, set them up for you, break them down after the event and take them away.


You won’t actually own your exhibition walls; they will remain the property of Exhibition Walls Company.

If you want to some help deciding which route is better for you, contact us. We’ve supplied exhibition walls and art dispaly panels to exhibitors at major events like the Ideal Home Show, and to smaller independent shows, like the Grid Air Fair.